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Malta Football Association

In 2021, I was approached to lead the front-end development of the new website and Matchcentre for the Malta Football Association (MFA).

Screenshot of the MFA Matchcentre website

The Matchcentre presented a unique challenge, offering its users real-time updates on hundreds of matches played across numerous competitions. Performance took a critical role to meet the user’s expectations in timely updates.

My role required me to oversee the entire front-end development process, including:

  • Designing and proposing the software architecture.
  • Providing feedback on the product design and features.
  • Software engineer staffing and onboarding.
  • Coordinating with the backend development team.
  • Developing pages, features, and proof-of-concepts.
  • Setting up performance monitoring—lab and RUM.
  • Implementation of good performance standards and practices.
  • Ongoing communication with the client.

The results exceeded the client’s expectations with the number of active users increasing sharply. The website met the client’s needs and user feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

“Kevin was the lead person responsible for implementing the new websites for the Malta Football Association, including a “first of its kind” match centre. Kevin had a good understanding of both the product and the technical expertise to deliver a solution that exceeded our expectations. The new experience significantly improved the number of website visitors, time spent on site, and other important KPIs.” George Zammit, Design & Digital Media Manager

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